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About OpenOffice

Saying the words "productivity suite" makes most people think about Microsoft Office, and for good reason since Office has more than a billion users and a rich history that goes back almost thirty years. But among those who can’t or don’t want to pay for a license, Office isn’t as popular. Among people who would rather use a free and open source productivity suite, Apache OpenOffice is a far better alternative than MS Office.

The simple fact of the matter is that Apache OpenOffice will meet all your productivity needs. It has a word processor that you can use to create and edit text. It has a powerful spreadsheet that you can use to analyze data and perform calculations. It features a tool you can use to create presentations. It has a database tool you can use to manage databases. And more!

OpenOffice Features

Work on text with Writer

Apache OpenOffice’s Writer is similar to Office Word – a word processor you can use to create and edit text content.

Work on spreadsheets with Calc

Calc is similar to Excel, meaning that you can use it to work on spreadsheets and numerical reports.

Create presentations with Impress

Just like PowerPoint, Impress lets you come up with multimedia presentations that include special effects, animations, 2D or 3D clip art, and more.

Easy to learn, easy to use

If you’ve never used a productivity suite before, you’ll find Apache OpenOffice very easy to learn. And if you have used a productivity suite in the past, you’ll find that Apache OpenOffice is very easy to use.

Completely free of charge

Apache OpenOffice offers the same kind of functionality as Microsoft’s Office. But unlike Microsoft’s productivity suite, Apache OpenOffice is completely free.