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About AutoHotkey

Using AutoHotkey is like having an assistant by your side and telling him to do the tasks you are unable or unwilling to do. You see, AutoHotkey lets you automate tasks: set up a script that details everything you want AutoHotkey to do, and it will do as instructed. The script can be launched with a hotkey and it can do something simple like entering a chunk of text or something a bit more complex like running a macro.

According to its official description, AutoHotkey is "a scripting language for desktop automation." I bring this up only to remind you that scripting is a programming language and you’ll need to develop your coding skills if you want to get anything done. AutoHotkey isn’t magic, it relies on scripting to work – and editing a script file means you must know how to code.

If you already know how to code and you’re familiar with scripting, you’ll be able to dive right in. If not, you’ll need to learn. Detailed documentation is available within the AutoHotkey application and on the official AutoHotkey website as well. As long as you have the time and the willingness to learn, you should be fine.

AutoHotkey Features

Write scripts and automate tasks

Set up a script for whatever task you want to perform and AutoHotkey will run it for you. AutoHotkey is a scripting language that lets you automate all sorts of tasks.

Great for experienced developers

Experienced developers who are familiar with scripting and automation can dive right in and enjoy AutoHotkey’s full-fledged scripting language for fast prototyping and small projects.

Not that hard for novices

Novices who want to start using AutoHotkey will have to familiarize themselves with scripting first. To help them, AutoHotkey’s developer set up a detailed guide that’s available within the application and online.

Trigger scripts with a hotkey

AutoHotkey can open files, launch programs, execute macros, and more, depending on the script you created. Said script can be launched by using a hotkey.

Free and portable

AutoHotkey is free and open source software for Windows. AutoHotkey is available as an installer and as a portable version.