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About Discord

Discord is a high quality VoIP application intended for gamers. It allows people to communicate in a more comfortable manner while they play online games. It is an excellent alternative to many communication applications out there, due to its simple design and efficient functionality. Furthermore, the software is offered completely free of charge and it doesn't require a powerful computer.

Navigating through Discord's options shouldn't be a challenge, even for inexperienced users. Everything is neatly organized and easy to spot, so you can complete any action, without spending any time looking around the interface. You can add people to your friends list by simply typing in their email addresses in an input field. Added friends are sorted automatically, which makes finding them much easier.

Discord lets you chat through short text messages, but the main means of communication is with a microphone in a conference. By default, the application uses a push-to-talk system, which means that you have to hold down a key when you wish to speak in to the microphone. Alternatively, you can switch to a voice activation feature. This will enable your microphone automatically when the application detects your voice.

The application lets you create and join servers without any limitations. You can invite people to join your servers and you can also set up permissions if you wish to allow someone to invite other people or manage your servers.

Discord Features

Voice activation

The software can activate your microphone automatically when it "hears" you speak. This means that you don't have to hold down a key whenever you wish to speak to your team mates.

Free servers

Discord lets you create and join as many servers as you want, without any fees or restrictions.

Flexible customization

There is much you can do in terms of customization, from changing the appearance of the user interface to setting up permissions on your servers.

In-game overlay

The software displays an overlay in your games, which can help you realize who is talking, in case you don't recognize their voice.

Encrypted communications

Discord has several security measures in place, including DDoS protection and automatic server failover.