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About Evernote

Evernote gives you the possibility of organizing your notes in an efficient manner and it provides you with many useful features, to allow you to take your notes with you wherever you go. Also, the software lets you do much more than just typing or pasting text. You can attach more information, in other forms besides text, to make your notes more relevant.

Notes can be created, organized and edited on separate panels, on the same user interface. The software places the regular tools at your disposal, for changing font and paragraph settings, but it also provides you with some advanced functions. For example, the software can take snapshots with a webcam and attach them to your notes. It is also possible to record yourself with a microphone and attach the recordings to your notes.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of geo-tagging notes. This makes notes appear on a map, so you can find them much easier. Of course, Evernote comes with traditional searching methods as well, which are quite effective. You can type a note's name in a search bar to locate it instantly, but you can also type a contained word or phrase for the same effect, if you don't remember the title.

One of Evernote's key features is its synchronization capabilities. If you have an online account, you can make your notes available across several computers and mobile devices. You can edit your notes in one place, go to another and access the same notes on a different machine, without having to manually upload anything.

Evernote Features

Image and recording attachments

Evernote lets you attach files to your notes and you can also take snapshots with a webcam and record yourself with a microphone and attach the images and recordings to your notes.


Notes can be geo-tagged, which makes them appear on a map, making it much easier to locate specific notes.

Synchronization capabilities

The software can synchronize notes between computers and mobile devices. This gives you the possibility of accessing your notes wherever you go, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Efficient management system

You can sort your notes in different notebooks. Additionally, the software's filtering and tagging capabilities enable you to locate your notes instantly.

Modest system requirements

Evernote doesn't use a significant amount of RAM or processing power. Furthermore, the software can be installed in just a few seconds, without making any complicated settings.