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About Recuva

The main and most important thing that Recuva can do is recover lost files. If you deleted some files by accident, if someone purposely deleted some of your files just to spite you, if some sort of data loss occurred and you lost some of your files, Recuva will bring them back. This Piriform product is a data recovery tool that can "undelete" pictures, music, documents, videos, emails, compressed archives, and other types of files.

Recuva can do that because deleted data isn’t really gone. Although the operating system tells you that you lost your data, that data isn’t actually and truly gone. But you can make sure that it is, with Recuva’s secure overwrite feature. That’s the second most important thing that Recuva can do: permanently delete files.

So to recap, Recuva can bring back the files that you deleted by accident or lost due to some sort of accident. On top of that, Recuva can make sure that deleted files remain deleted.

Recuva is available as a desktop application for Windows. Recuva is available as a Free and as a Professional Edition, with the latter having a few extras to offer: advanced file recovery, virtual hard drive support, automatic updates, premium support.

Recuva Features

Recover lost files

Recuva is a data recovery tool, meaning that it can restore lost or deleted files. It can restore music, videos, photos, documents, and other types of files.

Recuva Wizard

By default, Recuva launches a data recovery wizard at startup. This wizard guides you through all the steps you must take to restore lost data.

Preview files before restoring

Recuva has a Preview feature that comes in very handy when you want to restore lost photos. This feature generates a preview for the photos you want to recover.

Permanently delete files

Recuva has a Secure Overwrite feature that you can use to permanently delete files. Instead of recovering a file, you can permanently delete it instead.

Explorer and Recycle Bin context menu integration

By default, Recuva will add a "scan for deleted files" option to the Windows Explorer context menu and to the Recycle Bin context menu.