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About Skype

Seeing that Skype has been around for more than a decade and seeing that at one point it had more than 300 million active monthly users, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what Skype is and what it does. Still, one must assume that there are such people out there, so let me give you the quick lowdown: Skype is an instant messaging application that is owned by Microsoft; it can be used to send instant messages to friends, group chat with friends, voice chat with friends, and make calls to a friend’s mobile or phone number.

Skype is available for multiple platforms: desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux; mobile application for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and more; console app for Xbox One; smartwatch app for Apple Watch and Android wear; web app that works within your browser. The Skype application is free, but if you’re going to use it to make international calls, you’re going to have to purchase Skype Credit.

Microsoft didn’t always own Skype. It bought it for $8.5 million back in May 2011.

Skype Features

Message, chat and call your friends

Skype aims to cover all your communication needs by letting you send instant messages (IMs) to your friends, by letting you voice and video chat with others, and by allowing you to make calls to landlines and mobiles phones.

Mojis based on popular movies

Because emoticons are passé, Microsoft introduced Skype Mojis, short animated clips based on popular movies, TV series, music, and important events.

Invite non-Skype users to chat

Since November 2015, Skype for desktop lets you invite non-Skype users to join the conversation. As of November 2016, Microsoft lets you use Skype for Web as a guest, without having to register for an account.

Break down language barriers with Skype Translator

Let’s say that you want to talk to your friend Pierre from Paris, but your French could use some work. No problem, let Skype Translator lend a helping hand. It can translate messages as well as voice and video chats.

Free and available for many platforms

Skype is free and available for a long list of platforms: Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Android Wear, Linux, even Xbox One.