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About TeamViewer

TeamViewer can be used to control computers remotely. The best part about this application is that it establishes connections immediately. Just specify a computer's ID and password and you will be able to work on it as if you were right in front of it. The software is ideal for numerous purposes, from manipulating your own computer from a distance to helping someone out with their computer problems.

The software's main user interface has a clean and simple design. An ID and a PIN are automatically generated for your machine and they are displayed directly on the application's interface. If you wish to allow someone to connect to your computer, just provide them with these details.

If you want to connect to someone's computer, you only need to specify their ID and PIN and the software will establish a connection immediately. The remote computer's desktop will show up on a new window and you will be able to interact with it, within that window. You can also exchange files, send special commands to the remote computer, chat with the person on the other side and much more.

TeamViewer Features

Quick connections

Specifying an ID and a PIN is all you have to do to connect to a remote computer. The process itself takes only a few seconds.

Connection security

TeamViewer supports a wide range of modern encryption protocols, to secure your connections. You can connect to your computers and control them without any worries.

Miscellaneous tools

The software lets you exchange files, initiate in text and voice chat sessions, send special commands to the remote computer and much more.

No installation required

When you run TeamViewer's setup file, the installation wizard will give you the chance of running the application without installing anything or writing data in the system's registry.

Balanced quality and performance

Remote control sessions are quite smooth. You won't feel any performance hits, while the quality of the image will remain acceptable.