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About Krita

What is Krita? It is a painting application that’s packed with a lot of useful image editing features and functions. It has a user friendly interface, it features all sorts of brushes, it has multiple transform tools, it lets you play with layers and masks, it gives you everything you could possibly need to create art.

Who should use Krita? According to the official Krita website, this painting program is mainly aimed at concept artists, illustrators, matte an texture artists, and the VFX industry. In my humble opinion, Krita could be used by literally anyone. Advanced users and artists will love the wealth of features, while novices and amateurs will love the ease of use.

Is Krita free? Krita is free software that is available for Windows (installer and portable), Mac, and Linux. There is a paid version called Krita Gemini, which is available for purchase on Steam for ten bucks. This paid version has a traditional desktop interface and an interface that’s optimized for tablets and touch devices.

Krita Features

A wealth of painting and editing tools

Since Krita is meant for artists and illustrators, I’m sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that this professional painting program is packed with a lot of useful painting and editing tools.

Intuitive and customizable interface

Krita’s interface has an intuitive layout that you’ll quickly figure out, especially if you’ve used image editing tools in the past. The interface can be customized to best suit your needs.

Handles Photoshop PSD files

If someone sends you a Photoshop PSD file, you can load it into Krita and edit it with Krita’s many tools. The official Krita website goes as far as to say that you can "open PSD files that even Photoshop cannot open."

Training resources for novices

I know I previously mentioned that novices and amateurs will love Krita’s ease of use. Still, this doesn’t mean they won’t need a bit of help. And they’ll get plenty of help on Krita’s official website.

Free painting program for PC and more

Krita is free and open source software, available for all major desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is a paid version called Krita Gemini, available for purchase on Steam for ten dollars.